CD-i Memorabilia

These are CD-i materials I collected while working for Philips POV (later Mass Media) from 1991 to 1995. It is primarily stuff related to the projects I worked on, although there is other info as well. They are listed in chronological order. I hope you enjoy this.

Items marked with an asterisk are newly posted.

Luskinisms - The Complete Pre-Launch Collection
"The remarkable sayings of Bernard J. Luskin published to commemorate the launch of CD-I October 16, 1991"

* CD-I 910 Owner's Manual
28-page owner's manual.

* New Media Issue 5 - July/August 1991
"First CD-i Player Shown, War With CDTV".

* Voyeur Design Proposal - 1991
Design proposal for the game Voyeur.

* CD-i One Conference Program - Oct/Nov 1991
Spiral-bound 64-page booklet.

* CD-I World Premier Issue - 1992
Over-sized magazine.

* Interactivities - Spring 1992
Glossy newsletter sent to CD-i owners.

* The PIMA Newsletter - Summer/Fall 1992
In-house newsletter.

* Philips POV Party Invitation - Dec 1992
Party was December 11, 1992.

Press Release Folders - Jan 1993 and Jan 1994
Five folders full of PR materials from Philips Interactive Media.

Hollywood Reporter - 26 Oct 1993
A photocopy of a rather lengthy article called "Turning Interactive", which mentions CD-i, and especially "Voyeur", extensively.

Games Master - Oct 1993
A photocopy of an article comparing CD-i with CD-32 and others.

Newsweek - 15 Nov 1993
A photocopy of a short article about "Voyeur" on Philips' new "Imagination Machine" (no mention of CD-i).

Wired Magazine - Nov 1993
A photocopy of a short article about "Voyeur".

International Interactive Communications Society meeting notice - 1 Dec 1993
A photocopy of a notification of a special presentation of "A Case Study of Interactive Media Production Featuring 'Caesars World of Boxing'" with list of panelists.

Electronic Gaming Monthly - Feb 1994
A four page special feature on CD-i.

Computer Game Review - Feb 1994
A photocopy of an article on "Voyeur".

Film & Video Magazine - Apr 1994
A photocopy of a five page feature story on "Voyeur".

CompuServe Magazine - Apr 1994
A three page feature on CD-i.

Videogames Magazine - May 1994
A two page feature on "Caesar's World of Boxing". Yes, that's my name as one of the boxers.

Computer Player Magazine - Jun 1994
A two page review of "Voyeur".

Smart Agent - Volume 1 Issue 2 Fall 1994
This was a half-fold over-sized brochure sent to employees and others in mid-1994. It mentions a CD-i board for the PC coming in 1995, which didn't.

CDi Magazine - 1994 through 1995
An over-sized (for the U.S.) full-color glossy magazine.

Hollywood Reporter - 7 Nov 1994
Contains an article covering the first Cybermania awards. "In fact, 'Voyeur' and Philips were the big winners of the evening..."

Internal memo about Cybermania - Nov 1994
Internal memo from producer David White listing the Cybermania winners from the POV division.

CD-i Express Catalogue - Fall 1994
Glossy catalogue of movies, games, and accessories.

Digital Hollywood Awards - 22 Feb 1995
20-page ballot. Two nominations of Philips Interactive Media titles, including "Voyeur".

Videogames Magazine - Jun 1995
A two page feature on CD-i.

Ultimate Gamer Magazine - Jul 1995
A one page preview of "Thunder in Paradise".

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